*NEW* Sharing Feature in FouAnalytics

For practitioners who need to share screenshots from the FouAnalytics dashboard with clients, we added a feature that makes that easier and faster. When you are in the FouAnalytics dashboard, look for the “Share screenshot” link.

When you click that you enter the preview mode, so you can verify what you want to include in your screenshot. Each element with a red X can be removed to simplify the screen shot.

Once you have confirmed all the elements you want to leave in your screenshot, click the Share button on the upper right. That will bring you to the sending screen. Enter your recipient’s email address and an optional password that they have to enter when they receive the email. (Obviously don’t use the word “secret” as the example below).

When they recipient receives your email from the FouAnalytics platform, they have to enter their own email address, and the optional password you assigned to them to open and view the screenshot.

One more tip for power users, if you prefer to assemble your own list of data grids and not use the default data grids, you can click the Clear grids button in the dashboard.

Then search for specific data parameters you want to add — e.g. mousemove, scroll, click, adblock, etc. (click enter key after each search term)

That will assemble just the data grids you want to show in your screenshot. Then click “Share screenshot” to go through the process above and send your custom-assembled screenshot from the dashboard. Publishers are using this to show evidence that proves other fraud detection companies incorrectly marked their sites as high IVT (high bots). If you need help, please let me know and I will show you how to do this.