*NEW* Feature - Executive Tab in FouAnalytics, plus PageXray

#FouAnalytics practitioners, a new feature that should help speed your workflow. We just took the Executive Summary tab live on all accounts. When you use the Domain App report and identify domains and apps to turn off, you can check the checkbox to the right of each domain to add it to the list of domains to turn off. A bonus feature is that we automatically linked pagexray next to the domain so you can view the domain and all the ads and trackers loaded on it without risking your own browser and device to visit the page. Note fraudulent sites are also high risk for malware and other exploits, so don’t visit them with your own browser or device.

Once you have selected domains and apps in the Domain App report, go to the Executive Summary tab to find two text areas with the list of domains and apps you can simply copy and paste to add to your block list.

Please let me know if this is useful. And let me know if there are other features that would be helpful to your workflow.