Frequency caps and overfrequency

How many times did you shown an ad to the same user/device/browser?

In FouAnalytics, look for the fingerprint data grid. Each fingerprint represents a unique user/device/browser combination. This fingerprint is made from smashing together many anonymous javascript parameters together — for example, the screen resolution, browser version, list of plugins, language, etc.

If you are using FouAnalytics’ in-ad tag for measuring ad impressions, you can look at the number to the left of each fingerprint to see the number of times an ad was shown to a unique user for the timeframe specified.

Example of OVERfrequency (far too many ad impressions shown to the same user). This may indicate that f-caps were not set, or set incorrectly. We recommend setting f-caps to 3 per user per day. But choose an f-cap that is appropriate for your business and industry.

The grid below shows f-caps were set and also working properly. The numbers show that only 3 - 5 ads were shown to each unique user. This is how you use FouAnalytics to check if your campaigns have frequency caps set, and working properly.

More examples here: