FouAnalytics - Check if Touch Events Look Real

If you use #FouAnalytics, you can go into the [Clicks] tab and look at clicks and touch events to see if they look real. Touch events are of course associated with mobile devices, so you can isolate mobile devices using a search like the following: mobile:1 (which means mobile = 1).

You can also be more specific and search for Android devices, iPads, or iPhones, using a search like platform:iPhone. To further isolate the data points to humans only, add label:equals(no). This means our label equals “no, it’s not a bot.” As you can see from the charts below, the touch events are clustered near the right and left sides of the screen width. That’s because users use their thumbs to scroll up and down the page and you can even see which hand they are using (more right handed touches than left handed ones).

If the touch events don’t look like this, then the users may not be humans. I won’t specify more detail here, if you have more questions on this, contact me privately and I can help.